[ti:Chinese Tourism to US Growing] [ar:Voice of America] [al:VOA News English] [by:www.unsv.com] [00:00.00]UNSV.COM - For Learning English and Much More... [00:02.81]Visitors to Los Angeles find countless movie studios, [00:06.97]endless stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, [00:09.30]and a constant flow of Chinese tourists. [00:12.59]"Los Angeles, we are the city in the United States [00:18.26]that more Chinese come to [00:20.11]than any other city in the States." [00:22.34]Mark Liberman is with the Los Angeles Tourism [00:25.38]and Convention Board says [00:26.35]there has been a steady increase [00:28.64]in the number of Chinese tourists [00:30.17]visiting Los Angeles. [00:31.93]Other popular destinations include San Francisco, [00:33.81]New York,and Washington, D.C. [00:35.92]More than 1 million Chinese tourists [00:38.81]visited the United States last year. [00:40.77]Says economist Ferdinando Guerra. [00:43.34]"It is a nearly 40 percent increase from 2010 to 2011." [00:47.68] [00:48.71]L.A-based Shine Tours for example, [00:51.34]has seen an almost 30% increase this year [00:54.15]in tour groups from China. [00:56.27]Says company President Joseph Chi: [00:58.18]"All the China Passport holder, [01:00.31]they thought the United States [01:03.17]is their dream country they would like to visit." [01:05.75]The growth of China's middle class [01:08.37]means more people can travel overseas. [01:10.61]Like most Chinese tourists in the U.S, [01:12.73]Liu Weiyan came on a tourist group. [01:15.59]"The U.S was established [01:17.47]with a spirit of independence and competition. [01:19.98]I want to come and take a look." [01:21.93]The number of Chinese tourists [01:23.34]has been increasing steadily, [01:25.05]but especially this year [01:26.95]because the U.S government [01:28.40]streamlined the Visa Application Process. [01:30.31]Says Steven Chou of Universal Studios Hollywood: [01:33.48]"From my perspective, [01:34.75]from the Universal Studio Hollywood, [01:37.17]we are definitely looking for ways to [01:38.72]really enhance experience of the Chinese guests." [01:41.30] [01:42.75]At Universal, [01:43.91]there's a studio tour in mandarin [01:45.39]led by mandarin speaking employees [01:47.60]and maps of the film park in Chinese. [01:49.69]"Look, this is a Chinese pamphlet. [01:51.89]Universal Studio Hollywood also has restaurants [01:54.52]that not only serve burgers and fries, [01:56.46]but also Chinese food." [01:58.90]The Montage Beverly Hills [02:00.71]caters to its Chinese guests [02:02.40]with Chinese tee in the hotel rooms, [02:04.56]handwriting notes in Chinese [02:06.03]and Mandarin-speaking staff. [02:08.10]Many of the hotels, [02:09.72]Chinese clients shop on Rodeo Drive, [02:12.04]famous for its luxury goods. [02:13.95]Says General Manager Hermann Elger: [02:16.16]"And our retail partners on Rodeo tell us [02:18.60]they are the largest segment of the shoppers as, [02:20.83]as of this year." [02:22.47]"The Chinese actually spend more than double [02:25.40]the average international visitor in California." [02:28.42]Chinese tourists are contributing [02:30.65]billions of dollars to the U.S economy [02:32.82]which translates into more American jobs. [02:36.06]The number of tourists from China [02:37.99]is expected to double at 2016. [02:40.60]Subtitled by www.unsv.com. [02:44.16]