UNSV钱柜娱乐qg999学习频道 - Slow and steady wins the race!
Taiwan is shaken by an earthquake, part of South Korea shivers under plunging temperatures, and a young inventor hopes his work can lead to lifesaving drones.
Norovirus strikes Olympic security officers, the Dow swings wildly, a massive rocket lifts off, and lasers help researchers find ancient Mayan structures.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average takes a nosedive, signs of unity and disunity coincide ahead of the Olympics, and the Sistine Chapel gets its annual checkup.
A controversial memo is released in the U.S. government, a space company prepares to launch a new rocket, and companies aim for "access" in Super Bowl ads.
Historic bombs are defused in Hong Kong, Russian athletes have an Olympic ban overturned, an orca mimics its trainer, and a big game aims for zero waste.
Today's show explains the role of religious tension in Yemen's civil war, the resignation of a U.S. health official, and the skills of a hyperpolyglot.
The U.S. president's State of the Union address, the opposing party's response, and an explanation of a brutal flu season are all featured this Wednesday.
Violent attacks in Afghanistan, security concerns involving a fitness app and U.S. troops, and the transfer of an ancient statue in Egypt are all covered today.
U.S. lawmakers debate an immigration reform plan, Parisians suffer flooding, South Africans suffer drought, and 3D printing finds a role in culinary arts.
Today's special edition of CNN 10 wraps up our coverage of autonomous cars: How do their developers and supporters envision a future without human drivers?
The issue of globalization takes center stage in Davos, Toys "R" Us announces store closings, and NASA tests new aircraft technology that allows wings to fold.
Featured this Wednesday: tariffs on certain imports to the U.S., an earthquake off Alaska, how tsunamis are generated, and what "reforestation" might look like.
Today's special edition of CNN 10 introduces you to five Young Wonders: children and young adults who are making a heroic impact on their communities.
Today, we explain the significance of upcoming face-to-face talks between North and South Korea, and we examine the dramatic rise of a U.S. stock index.
Today's show explains a possible breakthrough between North and South Korea, the science behind a "bomb cyclone," and a Great Big Story from Cape Verde.
Happy New Year! Our first show of 2018 explains events concerning a U.S. tax overhaul, protests in Iran, and some stories we'll be following as the year goes on.
In today's special edition of CNN10, we're showing you how one of the most remote places in the world became one of the hardest-hit by pollution.
An unusual election in Alabama changes the makeup of the U.S. Senate, Iceland becomes a Bitcoin mining hub, and U.S. shopping malls face a changing landscape.
A global climate summit sees hope and hurdles in Paris, Saudi Arabia allows movie theaters to open, and a Nigerian bobsled team is set to make history.
Iraq says it has kicked ISIS out, an attempted terrorist attack panics commuters in New York, and a maze maker discusses the balance in making perfect puzzles.
New wildfires spread quickly in California, two U.S. lawmakers announce resignations, and South Korea faces unique challenges as it gears up for the Olympics.
The U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, we interview a WWII veteran on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and we serve up a Great Big Story on ice cream.
The IOC bans the Russian Olympic Team, CVS moves to buy Aetna, and the Supreme Court hears arguments involving same-sex couples' rights and religious freedom.
Three stories involving the Trump Administration are featured today. They include debates over a U.S. embassy, a travel ban, and two national monuments in Utah.
A leadership change in Zimbabwe, a terrorist attack in Egypt, a defection to South Korea, and a series of volcanic eruptions in Indonesia are featured today.
In our last show before Thanksgiving, we're covering a U.S. designation concerning North Korea, waivers in the U.S. Army, and a fight against an invasive fern.
A mystery and rescue effort at sea, a satellite's perspective of our "breathing Earth," a Black Friday report, and a Great Big Story compose today's coverage.
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