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Not only write message in english, but also communicate our thought.




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Let me introduce myself firstly. I'm a student of The major I am studying is Network engineering of The Computer Science College. Now ,because of the coming of the leader of the military committee to check the education havest, we have to take exercise to make our body stronger. Everyday I am tired and eat more than ever before. The standard file require us bodily form —— The weight must between the number of height substract 105 and + or - 10 percents . For example, I'm 176cm ,then I have to make my weight between 71+ or - 7.1 kilogram(from 63.9 to 78.1) . At present,I'm 64 kilogram. Thank you for reading . Please give some precious suggestion to me. Thank you.
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your English is so good,I support your suggestion,and I will come here everyday.
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you are great!,
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it's really a good idea to practise our english in this way!
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Learn from the PLA and salute to the PLA!The army love the peple and the the people cherish the army. We are united as one. You are expected to come here and air your viewpoints and exchange your military information!
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I would like to be friends with you ! My qq code is 405677231 and my msn code is hanse-2006@hotmail.com Now let me introduce myself ! I'm a college student. The department I study is Management of Public utilities. At the begining of learn I was not interest in it because I prefer to study economics. I want to be a merchant. However, I changed my mind later and I enjoy it now. Are you enjoy sport? I like sport especially basketball. I joined in a basketball team two years ago. I like games too. For example, CS and so on. If you want to communicate to me . You can use the above code and I'm very happy with it. My English is poor. Please teach me something about English in future.
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That is a good idea! I should get an english name,do I?
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I haven't come here for some time.becuse several days before, we began the aggrandizement of the discipline. several days before,The captain of ours said that "In the coming two weeks,All the thing which all of you have to do is training ,from the moment you get up everyday.". The number of the physical items which we have to be up to par is 9,Including long-distance running,push-up, sit-up,chin-up and so on. The amount of the military items is 5,but sorry I can,t tell them in detail.Because of two reason,one is that I don't know how to express them and the other is that I don't want to break the army rule of the secrecy. I am very happy to see the message which praise my english is good~~~~~~~This is the first time,^_^,thank you for your encouragement .I just want to say that the little message I wrote before cost me 30 minutes..........I hope I can improve my writing ability... And , I want to make friends with all of you ,my QQ :51215773.I like sport and the favorite one is basketball, before the aggrandizement of this discipline,I practiced basketball basic skill every night ,but now ,I haven't much time to do it.. Oh ,this time I used 35 min to finish this message. In fact ,my english is poor ,but I am trying my best to change this situation.let's go ahead together!!! I hope some one can point out the mistake I make .Thank you for your reading .
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To Hanse: I check the data of your QQ but it's very briefness,and the QQ grade is zero. I hope you can put the QQ code which you often use .thank you !
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